Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Poison in the Well

Colbert King beat me to it.  Yesterday I started ranting about the poison emitting virus to which a sizable number of citizens have been infected.
   There is a poison absorbing all the air in the room.  Naturally Americans have turned to look at this spectacle and some have sadly been infected by this poison emitting virus.  I hate to go full Harry Potter and take the "he who must not be named" approach but this virus is more than happy to proclaim itself wherever there is a microphone and camera.  In fact the virus is such a phenomenon that microphone and camera seem to follow wherever it's destructive path leads.
    The poison that spills forth has clouded the eyes and disoriented the inner compass of those in its grip.  What is presented as strength and resolve is just a viral masquerade for a power grab unlike anything modern Americans have ever seen.  These poisoned voters are being infected with vitriol and intolerance spewed forth and injected by this virus.
    The virus, while opportunistic and harmful, is actually not the greatest of our concerns as a country.  Of vital importance is addressing what has left a significant portion of our population susceptible to this virus and its poison.


Colbert King beat me to it.

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